What You’ll Learn…

In this Course, you’ll be mentored through Writing, Publishing AND Marketing your new book!


PHASE ONE: Write Your Book

Setup Your Success

Lay a solid foundation for success by getting clear on your goals and beyond your book plan

Outline Your Message

Learn basic book writing skills and how to outline your book so that it’s basically already written

Write with Ease

Start writing the stories for your book with simple prompts based off your outline

Clarify Your Niche

Get clear on your ideal reader so you can write more effectively for your target audience

Find Your Voice

Discover your unique voice as a writer

PHASE TWO: Publish Your Book

Create a Clear Path to Publish

Everything you need to know about getting your book ready for publishing

Publish with Ease

Learn how to build a top-notch publishing team to make publishing your book easy as 1-2-3

Create an Award-Winning Cover

The formula for creating an award-winning cover that will have your book flying off the shelves

Design Your Layout

Templates and trainings for a layout that will appeal to readers and get them buying your book

Get People Excited to Buy

Write compelling back cover text & a bio that will get your ideal clients buying your book

Boost Your Popularity

Tools & tips to get other people to brag about your book for you

PHASE THREE: Promote Your Book

Start Selling Before it’s Done

Start selling your book before it’s even finished to boost motivation and start making money

Build Your Tribe

Simple steps to build your tribe and increase the buzz about your book

Sell with Ease

Get a super simple sales plan to make selling your book a breeze

Connect with Major Influencers

Public Relations 101: Wanna know how to get major influencers to talk about and share your book? We teach you how.

Promote with Social Media

Social media for authors is a whole new ball game. We walk you through how to use social media to promote and sell your book.

Build a Speaking Platform

Want to build a speaking career around your book content? We show you how to do that!


“Yet another example of how Joshua Rosenthal and IIN are committed to our success.”

“This course is a true gift and has arrived at the perfect time. Having the support of a community of Health Coaches behind me as I launch my new book is invaluable. The course is yet another example of how Joshua Rosenthal and IIN are committed to our success.” 

Lorraine Miller
Author of Today I Am Grateful


“Amazing knowledge and insight delivered in weekly bite-sized nuggets.”

“I’ve always said there was a book lurking inside of me. Now, with amazing knowledge and insight delivered in weekly bite-sized nuggets from Lindsey Smith and Joshua Rosenthal, the book is becoming a reality. Amazon, here I come!” 

Sue Brown
Author of Simply Sugar Free

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